The Death in Halloween – A Re-post from 2011

Sitting here and watching some television a thought crossed my mind, the death in Halloween.  Have you ever really taken a look at Halloween and what it involves, and what it promotes?  Everything about it embraces death and darkness, both physically and spiritually.  Physically, we see little skeletons running around, we see images of death and dying in various displays and costumes, and we get an adrenaline rush from the fear associated with being pursued by one like “Freddie”.  Spiritually, we see witches, goblins and different forms of paraphernalia associated with satanic worship of all kinds.  Everything it embraces and promotes is diametrically opposed to the only God of life, and the Creator of all, Jesus.  I wonder how many people that participate in Halloween really want to be associated with death and darkness?  How many would prefer life and light?  As true followers of Christ, as ones who have been called as Christ’s ambassadors to a lost and dying world, we need to embrace the life and light found only in Christ, and to point as many as we can to that same life and light.  This isn’t a time for us to take a vacation and get excited about that which opposes our God, but rather to be diligent about the Masters business and point people to Him.  If they truly want death and darkness, then hell is for them, but if what they want is life and light, then they need to run to Jesus.  How are you going to point people to the life and light of Jesus this Halloween.  This may be the day that Satan uses for his purposes, but it is still the day that the Lord has made, and we need to honor Him despite the honoring practices of some for Gods enemy, Satan.  Think about it.

Copyright 2012 – John Johansson

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