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Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a message to the public ahead of Passover:*

What will change tonight, citizens of Israel?
*That on this night, 133 of our dear brothers and sisters are not brought to the Seder table, and are still imprisoned in the inferno of Hamas.*

We have already freed 124 of our abductees and we are committed to returning them all home - the living and the spaces alike.

And what won't change tonight?
that in every generation our brides rise up against us, and the Holy One, blessed be He, saves us from them.

This time too we will overcome those who seek our souls - thanks to the faith of our people, the courage of our warriors and the unity within us.

On this Seder night, our abductees in the captivity of Hamas stand before our eyes. Their suffering and the suffering of their families breaks our hearts and only strengthens our determination to return them. We do not let up even for a moment from the sacred task of bringing them home.

*Unfortunately, until now, all proposals for the release of our abductees have been rejected outright by Hamas.* That is why the American Secretary of State rightly said: "Hamas has refused all proposals submitted to it." According to him, the only thing preventing a deal to release the abductees is Hamas.

*Instead of retreating from its extreme positions, Hamas builds on division within us, it draws encouragement from the pressures directed at the Israeli government. As a result, he only tightens his conditions for the release of our abductees. He weighs down his heart, and refuses to send our people.*

*Therefore, we will land additional and painful blows on him - and it will happen soon.*

In the coming days we will increase the military and political pressure on Hamas because this is the only way to free our hostages and achieve our victory.

Israeli citizens,
On the eve of Passover when the people of Israel came out of slavery to freedom, we will remember our heroic martyrs and our wounded warriors, thanks to whose sacrifice we are free.

The State of Israel is strong, the Israel Defense Forces is strong - both in defense and attack. Our enemies will not be able to us, we will be able to them.

I salute our heroic warriors who fight on all fronts - on land, at sea and in the air. I hug my brothers and sisters to the bereaved family, who lost the dearest of all.

My late Yoni, who fell in the battle for the return of abductees, wrote the simple historical truth: "The IDF is the only factor that stands in the way and prevents the slaughter of our people as in the old days."

*I will fiercely defend the IDF, our army and our fighters. If someone thinks they can impose sanctions on an IDF unit - I will fight it with all my might.*

As our soldiers are united to protect us on the battlefield, we are united to protect them on the political field.

together we will fight,
And with God's help - together we will win.

Passover is kosher for all the people of Israel."
China Building New Outpost on US Doorstep, Leaked Documents Reveal

Chinese investment in critical infrastructure including ports, airports and water systems are turning Antigua—once considered part of America's "backyard"—into China's front yard, critics say.

"We are aware that China may use its commercial and diplomatic presence for military purposes. In Asia, Africa and the Middle East, China has already abused commercial agreements at host-country ports for military aims; our concern is they may do the same in this region," a spokesperson for the Florida-based Southern Command (SOUTHCOM) told Newsweek.
Forwarded from That Blessed Hope
IDF spokesman Daniel Hagari: "We are determined to continue to harm Hezbollah and push it north, and allow the residents of the north to return"
Forwarded from That Blessed Hope
According to a former senior official from Lebanon, there are clear instructions from Iran to Hezbollah, urging them to exercise caution and avoid falling into any traps. However, it is believed that Iraqis and the Houthis have been given authorization to take action against Israel.
Forwarded from Amir Tsarfati
President Biden and his national-security team watched with mounting alarm on April 13 as monitors in the White House Situation Room showed 30, then 60, then over 100 Iranian ballistic missiles streaking toward Israel. 
Iranian cruise missiles and a swarm of drones were already in the air, timed to arrive at the same time as the missiles—a massive barrage that Biden and his aides feared could overwhelm the strengthened defenses they and Israel had spent more than a week preparing.
The scale of Tehran’s first-ever direct attack on Israel matched U.S. spy agencies’ worst-case scenarios, U.S. officials said later. It threatened not only a close U.S. ally, but Biden’s hopes of preventing a six-month Middle East crisis from widening into an all-out regional war.
Assembling in the Situation Room at 5:15 p.m. that Saturday, Biden and his aides couldn’t be sure that Israel’s antimissile systems, reinforced by the U.S. military’s antimissile and counterdrone deployments in the previous 10 days, would block nearly 99% of Iran’s salvo.
Forwarded from Amir Tsarfati
I see a lot of stupidity online accusing Netanyahu for enabling Hamas by giving them money.
Let’s set the facts straight: in 2008-2009 it was Prime minister Ehud Olmert the one who began transferring money to Hamas ruled Gaza. His defense minister was Ehud Barak.
The cash suitcases from Qatar begun when Israel actually stopped paying.
Most of the money that went for terror didn’t come from these limited transactions for salary payments. It was Iran who transferred the billions via multiple international accounts and money changers who cashed it for them. Hamas leaders publicly thanked Iran for it!
Forwarded from Amir Tsarfati
The New York Times:
Israel abandoned plans for a large-scale counterattack in Iran after coordinated diplomatic pressure from the US and other foreign allies

The Israeli leaders originally discussed bombing several military targets across Iran last week, including near Tehran, the Iranian capital, in retaliation for the April 13 Iranian attack.

Instead of sending fighter jets into Iranian airspace, Israel on Friday launched a small number of missiles from aircraft positioned a few hundred kilometers to the west. Israel also sent small drones, known as quadcopters, to confuse Iranian air defenses, according to the Israeli officials.

One missile hit an anti-aircraft battery on Friday, while the Air Force deliberately destroyed the second missile launched after it became clear that the first had reached its target.
Forwarded from Amir Tsarfati
The Wall Street Journal:

Egyptian officials: The operation to evacuate civilians from Rafah will last two to three weeks and will be done in coordination with the US, Egypt and other Arab countries such as the United Arab Emirates.

Israel plans to move forces to Rafah gradually, focusing on areas where Israel believes Hamas leaders and fighters are hiding. The fighting is expected to last at least six weeks.

Israel is preparing to move civilians from Rafah to nearby Khan Yunis and other areas, where it plans to set up shelters with tents, food distribution centers and medical facilities such as field hospitals.