Having grown up in church and hearing all the talk about the end-times, especially about the Rapture, the Tribulation Period and the judgments of God during that time, I began to see that diminish in the late 1980's.  As I saw this happening I also noticed that church pulpits were teaching and preaching less and less on Bible prophecy and the need to live holy in the sight of Christ, and that Christians were beginning to be less concerned about Christ's return, which resulted in an apathetic attitude towards His return that could be seen in their lives.  As a result, I started to become concerned that Christians were becoming more concerned about living life here on earth than they were in Christ's soon return to take us to an eternal life more grand than anything the world could ever offer us.  Even now, more and more Christians are starting to deny the Rapture spoken of in Scripture, or at least believe it won't happen for several years to come, and a growing attack on Bible end-time prophecies and the Rapture is getting more heated and aggressive each day, especially within church circles.

In the early 1990's, God gave me the name Resounding Shophar (purposely spelled differently) for a ministry that sought to remind Christians that Jesus' return is imminent, and that they needed to be sure they were ready for Him when that time came.  Since then, Resounding Shophar has written articles, monthly newsletters, books, and blogs with that one purpose in mind.  As I write this, Resounding Shophar is even now working to start producing podcasts and whatever else God opens the doors for.  Your prayers for this ministry is greatly appreciated.

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