The Harbingers

One of the many uses of the shofar was to sound an alarm of something coming.  While we at The Resounding Shophar focus on sounding the shophar to prepare for the return of Christ, it would be wrong to not sound it in regards to a judgment to come.  I realize that many believe that God doesn’t judge people because He is so full of grace and love, but is that consistent with scripture?  No, it is not.  We can read from Genesis through the book of The Revelation how that the loving God of all creation executed judgments on people, families and nations.  When God brings judgments it is a result of disobedience to or rejection of God and His ways.  To only focus on God’s grace and love and to say that God won’t bring judgment to people is to be naïve of who He is and what He is all about, not taking into account all the different facets of who He is.

Some people believe that God will never judge this awesome country called, The United States of America.  They say that since we are the one country the world looks up to, or at least used to, and that we are the most Christian of all countries who even sends the most missionaries to other lands, surely God wouldn’t judge us, but that is pride which provides a false sense of security.  While this country was founded on Christian principles and the Word of God, the Bible, in the past fifty years it has turned its back on God, His ways, and even now His people the Jews.  How can we be so bold as to think that He won’t judge us?  That is a scary place to be in, thinking that we are exempted and protected from Gods judgments simply because of who we are.  We as a country have strayed far from God, and if we don’t repent of our ways, turn from our wickedness and seek His face, God will judge us.  Is there any reason to believe that an impending judgment is on its way for our country if we don’t repent and return to the God of our fathers?  Yes there is.  I am including a link to a couple videos of a rabbi, Jonathan Cahn, teaching on harbingers, what they are, and how they apply to the United States, all based on scripture.  One is a shorter video that briefly touches on this, and the other one is a full video that goes into much more detail that is sure to grab your attention as he goes through nine (9) harbingers.  I hope you will take the time to view these as he “sounds the shophar” of warning to this country of a judgment soon to come.


Shorter clip

Full version


John Johansson

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