Is your head starting to spin a bit?  Do you find that a lot of what is going on in the world around us, both domestically and globally, is starting to become overwhelming to follow and to grasp?  On the domestic front, we’re not seeing division growing between two different groups, but worse, a splintering of many different groups at odds with one or more other groups.  No matter what your position is, it is becoming more and more evident that America is beginning to implode as a nation, and outside of wishful thinking the final outcome is yet to be known.  Violence, including school violence, is rapidly increasing from coast to coast.  Besides the exposure of long-term corruption in government, the Union is beginning to lose the national unity it once had seeing government agencies from the local level all the way up to the Federal level that are attempting to establish themselves as independent of the others to do their own will according to their own agendas.  Where there were once only two genders, now there is the recognition of over 12 different “genders”.  Where it was a crime and a disgrace to be a pedophile, there is now a push to “normalize” pedophiles within society.  And the list goes on.


On the global scene, we see Russia beginning to position itself as a world super power and the primary voice in the Middle East.  We see Iran expanding its presence and influence all around Israel with the primary objective to wipe Israel off the face of the earth.  We see Turkey rearing its head up and trying to become a force to be reckoned with, expanding its position in the Middle East.  And, we see what a civil war in Syria was once become the battle ground of multiple wars, with the biggest and fiercest of these conflicts centering in and around the city of Damascus.  Like no other time in history, we are seeing, for those who have been watching and paying attention to what’s happening around the world, the final pieces coming together for the beginning of the great Tribulation period, Jacob’s Trouble.


Spiritually, deceptive teachings are becoming more and more the accepted norm, with false teachers rising up all around promoting many of these false teachings.  The Apostle Paul told us that in these last days there would be Christians turning from sound doctrine only to embrace that which tickles the ears.  We have people more concerned about exposing and ripping out the tares in the field than they are the health of the wheat, alluding to the parable of the wheat and the tares in Matthew 13, and as a result are hurting and destroying some of the precious wheat God has planted “in the field”.  Division is growing in church circles between authentic followers of Christ, and those who are not.  The majority of the church here in America has lost sight of what it means to be followers and ambassadors of Christ and have embraced teachings that are incompatible with what we’ve been commissioned and commanded to do.


In December of 1989, George W. Bush, Sr. met with Soviet Premier Mikhail Gorbachev on the island of Malta.  I don’t remember much of the events surrounding that meeting, but there is one thing that has stuck with me ever since then.  I don’t remember which popular TV news anchor of that era it was, but I remember one reporting from a boat amid a storm out on the Mediterranean Sea, and he made a statement I have never forgotten.  It wasn’t so much what he said, but what God spoke to me immediately after this news anchor made the statement.  This TV news anchor, braving the raging storm around him, issued an apology to the networks viewers.  At that time so many different things were happening all around the world, major events of sorts, that he apologized that they were having problems covering all that was taking place, letting the viewers know that they were trying their best to keep them informed of things.  He indicated things were happening too fast for them to cover everything, and God immediately told me that what they were experiencing was just a taste of how fast things are going to happen leading up to the return of Jesus for His bride.  When God quickened that to me, I immediately knew things would happen so quickly when that time comes that people’s heads would be “spinning” trying to grasp and comprehend all that was happening.  I also became acutely aware that things will happen so fast, that only Christians who are watching and preparing for the return of Christ for them will experience a peace during this time that only God can provide, and with that those who had not been actively watching and praying regarding His return would be caught unaware of His return.


Some people are really bothered with me talking and writing about watching for and praying that they are counted worthy regarding the return of Christ in what we know as the rapture, as though I’m making it into something more than it needs to be.  Yes, Jesus tells us on multiple occasions to watch and pray regarding His return for us, His bride, and on one occasion even to watch and pray that we’re counted worthy to escape that which is coming to the earth.  Yes, Jesus tells us in Revelation 3 that if we’re not watching we’ll miss His return.  Yes, Jesus tells us in Revelation 16:15 that those who were watching and kept or took care of their garments, robes of righteousness, they are blessed.  But the reality of how vitally important it will be for us to be watching and praying became so very real to me on that day some 28 years ago, a reality that I have not been able to shake since then.  If a person is not watching and praying before everything starts “hitting the fan”, so to speak, things will be happening so fast that it will be the last thing on many of their minds to do, and even then, they may experience the same plight of the five foolish virgins Jesus tells us about in Matthew 25.


Things are not just heating up all over the world, but things are happening at an ever-increasing rate, which includes the fulfillment of Biblical end-time prophesies.  Now is not the time to be sticking your head in the sand pretending things are not as they truly are, or that things are not going in the direction that they clearly are.  Now is the time, if you haven’t been already, to start watching and praying as we so clearly see how imminent Jesus’ return for His bride is.  Don’t be caught up with the deceptive tactics of misdirection, where the enemy keeps our eyes and focus off what it needs to be at this time, staying aloof to the growing signs all around us, domestically and globally, pointing to our redeemers return.  Don’t get caught with your head spinning trying to grasp and comprehend what is going on!


Again, don’t get caught with your head spinning trying to grasp and comprehend what is going on!  Keep a clear mind by keeping your eyes and focus on Jesus and His imminent return for us and keep watching for Him!


John Johansson


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Phil Severi
Phil Severi
March 26, 2018 9:37 am

Been thinking about this, especially the situation about rooting out the tares. That is a sticky one. That, coupled with the other extreme that love has no real right to have standards just creates another head spinning situation. Not sure what the answer here is, other than Scripturally based discipline.

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