Just A Little Sugar, Please

Today was interactive Sunday for us at Church. Once a month a Sunday is set aside for a time when people can anonymously submit questions to the Pastor for him to answer.  These questions are not submitted prior to the service, but instead during the service, and for that reason he has no prior notice of what the questions will be for that service.

Back to today and the questions that were asked of him. His answer to one particular question, asked by who I don’t know, probably didn’t set well with many, but thinking about it later a thought crossed my mind.  The question in particular asked him about the difference between various movies and fictional characters, including ones “Christian” based, that involve some level of witchcraft, sorcery, mysticism, the casting of spells, or other stuff of the like.  In his answer he made two comments that best sums up his response.  He simply said that there is no difference between them, and that none of them should have any place in the life of a Christian.  He also pointed out that each of these are elements of occultism.

Over the years it has amazed me as to how many Christians think nothing of something God has explicitly forbidden. Some have argued that some of these things are mere entertainment, or that they are so mature in their faith that these things have no effect on them.  Why is this?  There are perhaps many reasons why this happens, but a thought crossed my mind today that really sums it up.  Satan, the enemy of our souls, knows just how much “good stuff” to infuse into the bait to get us to bite, or how much truth seasoning the evil needs in order for us to make excuses that rationalize and justify our acceptance of it.

In Deuteronomy 18: 9-14, God not only makes it very clear that we are to have nothing to do with any of the above mentioned things, but He also makes it clear that these things are an abomination to Him. Yet, we can find all kinds of ways to rationalize and justify why we allow such things in our lives.  We have in essence told the enemy that if he sprinkles just enough “sugar” on the evil then we will accept it whole heartily.  I realize a little sugar helps make the medicine go down, but we’re not talking about medicine.  We’re talking about evil, and apparently if enough “good stuff” or truth of God’s Word is sprinkled on it then that supposedly makes it all good and acceptable.  The problem is that with God saying it is an abomination to Him, no amount of “sugar” is going to change His mind on the subject and make things acceptable to Him.  So, why do we treat these things as though they are when God has not changed His mind about it?  Some may say that was Old Testament, but nowhere in the New Testament do we see God changing His mind on the subject.  Instead, we read of how those that were involved in such things burned all their occultist paraphernalia when they were converted to Christianity.

Satan’s tactics remain largely intact when it comes to other things that God has specifically said should not be, especially if we call ourselves followers of Christ. Satan knows just how much “sugar” to infuse or season these things with in order to ensnare us in the sin.  Just to make it clear, the “sugar” I’m referring to is anything that in itself is not necessarily wrong or sinful, or is made up with just enough truth of God’s Word that we can’t see the sin clearly.  I heard it once said that the best lie is the one that is 99% true, and Satan is the father of all lies.  Whether it is adultery or fornication, hate and murder, gossip or backbiting, or any one of many other things the Bible refers to as sin, Satan’s tactics remain the same.

So, I encourage you to take some time to pray, asking God to reveal to you any areas in your life that you may have taken Satan’s bait with. Is there anything that you’ve embraced because the enemy has “sugar coated” it, making it easy to participate in or to find ways to justify your acceptance of it, even in the areas of entertainment and recreation?  If so, no matter what it is, you need to repent of it, surrender it to God, and embrace the truth of His Word in your life as never before.  Today in Sunday school it was briefly discussed how that our silence regarding what is wrong or displeasing to God sends the message that we embrace, or at best condone as acceptable that which is wrong or evil.  Don’t get caught up with the mindset that says to the devil, either in our words, our behavior, or in our silence, “just a little sugar, please”.

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